Pearl Small Heart Necklace


Adina Plastelina specialises in the design of sterling silver and gold jewellery combined with polymer clay, hand-crafted using the ancient technique of 'Millefiori', which means 'a thousand flowers' in Italian. The combination of noble metals and ancient craftsmanship with modern materials creates an innovative, exceptional design language, giving the jewellery creation a classic and refined look.

The Pearl Small Heart Necklace will be a crown of any jewellery collection. It's a truly "to go" piece which looks perfect both with an evening gown or an office outfit. 

24K Gold plated sterling silver pendant on 14K gold filled chain, decorated with Pearl pattern.



Size: pendant 2.5 x 2.5 cm, chain: 42 cm



Please note: All products are handmade and may therefore differ slightly from the picture. 


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