Jewellery care information

All jewellery we offer are made to be worn and enjoyed daily. We believe in jewellery uniform – put it on and create unforgettable memories. That being said, jewellery, as most things in the world, require some basic care. Below you find easy tips and tricks on how to keep your heirlooms as good as new. And remember – the best way to maintain your jewellery in a great state is WEARING THEM!


Congratulations you found your dream jewellery!

So here what you should do to enjoy it for years to come:


We strongly advise to take off your jewellery pieces when swimming, bathing, taking shower or doing dishes. Most precious metals and gemstones aren’t water fans. However, don’t go overboard with no water policy. If you are not comfortable with taking off your rings whenever you wash your hands, you definitely shouldn’t. Instead, polish the rings once in a while. And smile.



We suggest keeping the pieces you don’t wear separately in jewellery boxes or tubes, most our jewellery come with one. If not, you can purchase any of your liking here. Storing dry and separate will prevent oxidizing and tangling. Nevertheless, some jewellery are too pretty to be kept in darkness. Use our antique ring dishes for jewellery you wear regularly but take off once in a while.     



Metals like silver, gold and brass tend to tarnish quickly when in contact with oxygen. That’s a naturally chemical reaction. The easiest way to prevent it is (YAY!) wearing your jewellery often.








Silver jewellery oxidize by coming in contact with light, air and humidity. It is an absolutely natural process. To prevent your silver piece changing its colour, wear you silver jewellery as much as possible. Besides, clean it with a polishing cloth and cleaning cream for silver jewellery, or with a soft baby toothbrush soaked in soapy water. However, remember that silver is a soft metal and can be easily scratched.



With time gold can tarnish and the gold layer in all gold-platen items gets worn out. It happens as a result of daily wear and contact with your skin oils and environment. How quick that happens depends on your skin chemistry and your life style.

To remove tarnishing gently brush your gold piece with a baby toothbrush soaked in hand-warm soapy water. Alternatively, use a polishing cloth.

To restore the gold layer on your gold-plated piece you need to get it gold-plated once again. You can bring your jewellery to a nearby goldsmith or take contact with us.  



Brass and bronze darken due to frequent wearing. You can clean your brass/bronze jewellery piece in soapy water with a soft cloth or soft baby toothbrush. Be gentle though. Alternatively, you can purchase a brass cleaner.  



Both gemstones and pearls are incredible gifts of Mother Nature. Be gentle and careful with them. Wear often but keep in mind to minimize contact with water, perfume, make-up, hair products, shampoos, household cleaners, etc. Do NOT clean them with soaps and any chemical cleaners.  If you are in doubt, bring your jewellery piece to a nearby jewellery store or goldsmith for an extra check.



These are not rules but a piece of advice on how to keep your jewellery sparkling as the day when you bought them.

It’s better to take off your jewellery when doing sports, gardening, household cleaning and moving heavy objects.

Give your jewellery a beauty sleep and take them off when heading to bed.

Polish your jewellery pieces at least once in a couple of months.

Enjoy every single of them and wear your jewellery with confidence and smile.


Believe us, you are irresistible!