Shlomit Ofir Japanese Dream collection. Shlomit Ofir jewellery design profile

Shlomit Ofir

Shlomit Ofir is a designer who works and lives in Tel Aviv. After earning her degree in industrial design in 2008, Shlomit began to pursue her love for jewellery and accessories by creating her own line. In her designs, Shlomit captures daily “snapshots” as if stopping time and turns them into a carefully crafted piece of art: a small bird on a branch, spring flowers blooming, the sharp lines and shapes seen on an urban horizon, a piece of beautifully detailed lace from an old dress, and many more. Her items are composed of various metals combining pearls and semi-precious stones and from different techniques such as enameling, patina methods, and chemical etching, which create special effects in metals and in matte gold and silver plating and offered at convenient prices. Ofir likes to mix old with new and is inspired by vintage-romantic themes, as well as urban-contemporary ones.


In her collections, Shlomit experiments with new materials and creates unique signature pieces. The collections are presented in some of the world's leading trade shows, such as the Accessories and Gift Shows in NYC and Bijorhca in Paris, and have made numerous appearances in some of the leading international online and printed fashion magazines and blogs.


The latest collection of the Israeli designer Shlomit Ofir is inspired by her journey to the country of the rising sun - Japan. For the Japanese collection Shlomit used...

€ 59,00