Laurie Fleming Jewellery

Jewellery claims the most alluring places on the body and compels us to notice them. It's created to trace and enhance the curves of the body, becoming an extension of our essence. Laurie uses these concepts in her enigmatic, romantic style to create adornment that's both modern and classic. 


Inspired by unearthly atmospheres, the handcrafted pieces are built to be future heirlooms. Fluid metal forms refined with glowing, custom cut mother of pearl stones reveal a lustrous little world of soft colour and light in each piece.


Laurie was trained as a designer at OCAD University and hand-carves all the designs in the collection. All the innovative LF signature mother of pearl is hand-faceted just for the line. 


All pieces are handmade in the Queen Street West studio in Toronto.


Laurie Fleming jewellery collection is exclusively presented in the Netherlands at Très Jewellery. 

Delicate ring 14k gold with mother of pearl stone

This wondrous delicate ring of 14k gold and with mother of pearl stone is hand-crafted by talented ...

€ 299,00
Jasmine 14k gold fine ring with mother of pearl

The shimmering Jasmine 14k gold fine ring with mother of pearl stone by is deliciously beautiful and unapologetically charming. This handcrafted jewellery piece conjures...

€ 329,00

The dainty 14 k gold ring with daimon and mother of pearl owns a timeless feminine allure. The jewellery piece is called Nereid and, doubtlessly, it is our ultimate...

€ 549,00
Beacen 14k gold ring with mother of pearl stone

The luminous Beacen 14k gold ring with mother of pearl stone is created by a Canadian jewellery...

€ 279,00