Hart of Dixie Season Finale the Centarus Earrings buy tresjewellery.com

Zoe Hart did it again in the Centarus earrings by Vanessa Mooney

Zoe Hart makes us to skip a heart bit one more time in the "Hart of Dixie" season two finale - by saving a life of a co-passange on a plane and by looking ridiculously stunning in her long evening gown and Vanessa Mooney's the Centarus earrings. It's no wonder that three men at once Wade Kinsella, George Tucker and Jonah Breeland are head over heels for petite doctor played by Rachel Bilson. Our love to Miss Hart is by now a widely known fact. She's not only got a great taste in men but also in accessories. The Centarus earrings complement her face and are a perfect mixture of elegant and edgy, bohemian and chic!


And if we can't go out for a date with the hottie Jonah Breeland we at least make sure to own the envy-worthy earrings. Shop the earrings and matching ring HERE and HERE.