Traveling - The World is A Book

We all know the thrilling excitement of purchasing tickets and packing a suitcase. It's the rush of adrenaline before heading to previously unknown destination. Whether it's a ski trip, a tropical holiday, a business journey or a city get-away the appreciation and genuine excitement fully springs out of us already in an airport.


However before the fun begins we face a long or maybe not too yet a flight. Stuffy air, dehydration, air conditioning - we all are too well familiar with it, not to mention all the controls one has to bare before get into a plane. 


It's an art to fly in style and to stay positive and healthy while your journey. Here are a few travel survival tips by Très Jewellery.


- Stay hydrated. Drink as twice as much water you usually do. Avoid dehydrating drinks like coffee and alcohol. Bored with simple water? Cut a slice of cucumber or a few strawberries to add a refreshing taste.


- Hydrate from inside and outside. Don't forget to take care of your skin (face/hands mostly), lips and hair. Put regularly a hydrating mask, balm, oil in.


- Pack wise. Have all you need for during your flight packed neatly and easy to grab. Put a cover on your passport not to damage it and hang some tags on your luggage.


- Stay stylish, stay true to yourself. Being comfortable during your flight does not automatically equalize to sweatpants. Wear a pair of worn in jeans or legging which won't feel uncomfortable during a flight. Put on a hate to mask the after-flight messy hair in the most fashionable way. Stick to your truly loved accessories. It may be not the best idea to arrive with a full armparty going on on your wrist for metal controls. But you can always accessorize your outfit with a favorite zodiac necklace or a statement ring which will add a stylish finishing touch even to the most off-duty look.


Have a great trip and keep Très Jewellery State of Mind!