Spring's best cocktail rings and how to wear them

The statement-making cocktail rings are the big ticket for this season. Intricate designs, embellished with (semi-) precious stones, sparkling with crystals; whoever thinks less is more obviously hadn't met spring's boldest accessory. Our editors help you to navigate through the coolest high-octane jewellery trend of 2018.
Did you know where the term cocktail ring comes from? It's a courtesy of Prohibition Era when a cocktail (or any alcohol drink) was a status symbol. The bigger the better was a go-with rule. And, by layering huge sparkling rings to compliment their clinking glasses, the inventive flapper girls made sure that their cocktails were noticed. Long have gone the Prohibition days but the cocktail rings still embody dazzling style, undeniable wealth and unapologetic fun. 
Taking the lustrous allure, cocktail rings make a big come back every holiday season. However, this spring the eye-catching baubles are too good (and too cool) to be saved for party hours only. Whether you are going for a full-scale rubies embellished ring or a sleek glamorous golden piece, be sure the jewellery will elevate any outfit from a work attire to a floor length gown. So embrace the striking trend and raise your cocktails to the best spring accessory ever.