Spring jewelry trend - dainty necklace

With the merry cheeping of birds we happily look into the new season and what it has to offer. The scarves are taken off, the coats get open and the gloves are forgotten. Spring is just the perfect time for jewellery to reemerge. Bright necklaces, multiple bangles, oversized hoop earrings, all kind of knuckle and cocktail rings are welcomed once again in our lives. Seeing after winter many jewellery is as refreshing as noticing new leaves on the trees. And with the biggest trend of this spring – multiple dainty necklaces layered one upon other we are sure to have a great time and fun coming upon us.


Though dainty jewellery were with us already for a while this season the trend goes beyond popular, seen on multiple catwalks, celebrities, fashion crowd bests, in magazines, and all over social media. It’s an easy concept to play with. Mix and match colours, lengths, gemstones, designers. With layered dainty jewellery you can go as bold as you want or as elegant as you please. We personally adore the numerous delicate chains nonchalantly wrapped around a neck with a few sweet charms seductively falling into a décolleté or on an open back.



The irresistibility of the biggest spring trend - dainty necklaces is inevitable .