As Seen On: Jewelry Hart Of Dixie

You favorite doctor is back in town! Hart of Dixie returns with an amazing premiere episode of the season 4 to blow up our burning with curiosity minds. But whatever happens in the beloved show we can be sure of one thing - the style choices of the leading ladies Zoe and Lemon will be impecable, especially when it comes to jewelry Hart of Dixie is the show to be in!


The fashion crown can breath with a releaf. We do not know whether Zoe will end up with Wade, and whether Lemon is meant to be with Lavon or George; but we know for sure that there will be enough drama and fashion to fill our souls and wardrobes with joy!


Watch the 2 episode of the season 4 of Hart of Dixie on the CW in January and in the meantime shop Zoe's jewelry choices!