Sale hunt: how to get best designer jewellery on sale

In the dopey world of boxing week, seasonal sales and big price reductions it’s easy to lose track - track of spent money, past time, track of your own sanity. We all often go for one and only one thing in particular, let’s say a jewellery sale but somehow, like by a wave of a magic wand we end up in a shoe department with four pairs of Jimmy Choo’s.  After coming home that magical wand seems more like a curse than a miracle. So how to stay focus and choose what you want – the best designer jewellery on sale?


  • Shop in the safety and coziness of your own home. Sitting on your coach with a cup of tea you won’t be rushed into hasty decisions or overwhelmed by customer guilt (that sale girl was so nice to me. So I-don’t-want-to-disappoint-her syndrome won’t overrule you).
  • Get help. Look through fashion magazines, jewellery blogs, Instagram and Pinterest. There you’ll find tons of inspiration plus how-to on style jewellery. With knowing what you want you’ll proceed quickly and harmlessly through the land of jewellery online sales.
  • Do your homework. Search on internet the jewellery styles you like. Note the jewellery designers you prefer. Learn about jewellery online shops.
  • Be original. Buy unique jewellery pieces. Show your personality as jewellery is the greatest way to reflect your style and taste.


Enjoy your shopping and make sure to get the best designer jewellery on sale there is with our tips & tricks.