Bohemian Bardot ring by Samantha Wills

The ring Bohemian Bardot by Samantha Wills

There's one ring you can't resist A LEGEND, BOHEMIAN BARDOT RING BY SW a jewellery piece every girl should own.


When it comes to rings there is one and only one piece which unites all the ladies out there - the Bohemian Bardot ring by Samantha Wills. The ring has gained a legendary status and is an absolute must-have for any woman. 
Whether you wear it to spicy up your office attire or to add an Old-Hollywood glamour to a night out, to channel your bohemian elegance or to inject a "very you" feature into a wedding gown - this ring is the jewellery piece you'll absolutely LOVE and want to wear every day, any day.

Now, just pick the colour which suits YOU best!