Revealing the stealing promise of summer

If there had to be a smell of summer, for me it would be the smell of pine trees heated by the red-hot sun. The one you breathe in leaving arrivals of any airport in the South. You walk out and the smell suffocates you with the thick viscous joy of the upcoming holiday and the sweet unknown it brings along.  
Ah summer, it seems to be more of a separate universe than a season. A universe where people talk sundresses, cooled rosé, and golden tan. Incredibly fabulous place, indeed. Yet, though chilled wine and a pretty dress is doubtlessly worth going a few blocks after, is these really all what makes us chasing summer to the other side of the world and back? Or does the warm season hide something less obvious though not less appealing to be loved for?


Sure, sure, a great weather has to do with our attachment to summer. We – poor inhabitants of the Northern Europe are cheering to the sunrays as widely as a dog cheers to a return of its master. Not quite spoiled by warmth and sunshine we go dangerously excited when the temperature rises above 20 C. A prison run-away feels much the same – overwhelming joy and a stone-heavy realization that the joy is very temporary, and eventually he’ll be caught. So we put on our summer outfits and we relish the season like there’s no tomorrow.


Of course, there is a massive factor of the summer wardrobe. Buying which is a small fiesta on its own. How much fun is it picking a banana printed skirt and pairing it with the perfect pair of watermelon colored heeled sandals?! No one ever gets same excited about buying a grey wool coat or a pair of brown boots.  Plus, in the end of the day, aren’t the off-shoulder tops, silky dresses, and straw hats the core reason for the summer existence? 

And we shouldn’t forget about the ultimate summer satellite – holidays.  Those rare moments of almost tangible freedom and relaxation, to experience which we drag our existence the other 50 weeks of the year. Some start planning their summer holiday as far in advance as October – all just to be able to see the promised land of vacation. It may be very, very far away but yet, it’d be looming on the edge of the horizon.     

So, this is it? These are the reasons why summer days are that appealing and longed for? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s not summer in itself – however the stealing promise it holds. The promise of the best holiday ever, the promise of the killer dress, the promise of an epic love, the promise of a better version of yourself: one slightly thinner, tiny bit prettier, and way happier?.. Whatever it is in summer that we hold very dear to our hearts, I sincerely hope this year it will do the trick. And, with the first falling leaves, we’ll walk out of summer if not completely reborn than at least a tad more content with whom we already are.