an ode to the latest jewelry trend ear jacket and other statement earrings

Put on your (ear) jacket – it’s cold outside.

With the change of seasons we all tend to re-adjust our style, meaning not simply swopping silk kaftans and kimonos for tailored coats and biker jackets, but trying something refreshing and daring. However, if you are not ready for a complete wardrobe revolution, try a subtle transformation instead – opt for new jewellery styles. A latest trend – ear jackets gives a clever twist to earrings. Unexpected design combined with the undeniable versatility proves this style to be a keeper. Feeling playful and eccentric – put on your ear jackets, feeling demure and elegant – add an alternative backing and you get a pair of poetic studs.
There are many attention-worthy pieces, yet our absolute favorite is the crystal Emanuelle ear jackets by Lionette NY. Decadently glamorous with a slightly old-school edge this pair brings a certain antique spirit to any kind of style.


If ear jackets feel like quite a drastic changein your jewellery department, there are plenty of amazing styles not less heavily fashionable but surely more refined. Lotus earrings featuring two perfectly round pearls have a subtly classical flair. However don’t let the pearls trick you. The pair is extremely versatile and, dare we say, effortlessly modern. Wear one pearl upfront and one on the back for an unexpected ‘wow’ effect.
Boldly intricate and unapologetically luscious the Forgotton Garden earrings bring back the full scale glamour. 
The Centarus earrings (in silver or gold) by Vanessa Mooney tempt us to abandon our daily routine and run away into a modern fairy tale. We’d charm and dance the whole night long while the mood-enchanting pair of the Centarus with the sparkling Swarovski crystals will do way better than the glass slippers.


On that note, either you embrace the ear jacket trend or stay on the safe ground of conventional earrings - invest in a pair that won’t fail you to dazzle.