Postcards from Russia

Postcard From: Russia

It’s a mysterious land of many contradictions: bitingly cold winters and heated summers, open-hearted people but grim pedestrians, one of a kind generosity and sky high prices, impressive history and new politics, stunning jewellery and designer mania, delicious food and ridiculous amount of wodka – it’s a land worth visiting and seeing with your own eyes.


Having a Russian version of the boutique, great clients and amazing designers in Russia makes us visit the country quite often. There are a lot of things which we love about it: snow, people, architecture, St.-Petersburg, blini, matreshki, caviar, luxury, designers, jewellery, history, Tolstoy, tsars, etc.


During our last trip we visited our dear friends in Jak Joten designer atelier. The original design, noble materials and highest quality of handcrafting is what defines Jak Joten jewellery. We couldn’t resist but to try on almost all of the magnificent rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches the designers make and exclusively offer to their foreign clients via Très Jewellery.


And the good news is that very soon a new Jak Joten jewellery collection the “Seaside” will be available at Très Jewellery exclusively for you. Stay turned! Meanwhile shop the “Apple Garden” and “Zodiac Signs” collections by Jak Joten.