Original Valentine’s gift outside the box

It’s not easy to find an original gift for the Valentine’s Day which is not all rosy-pinky and sweet. We got here some rescue kit pulled together to help you think outside the heart shaped box. Obviously no money or presents in this world is enough to measure your love but just the right little something can make your dear one smile the whole day long. And as you know there’s nothing better and more memorable for Valentine’s Day (and not only) than a dream designer jewellery piece.


Get Sexy

Who isn’t dreaming about love on fire? If not the whole year round, give than one day he/she will never forget. Wear your favorite perfume and a delicate but oh-so-sexy Teardrop Lariat necklace by Ariel Gordon jewelry coming from your neck down and down.


A Little Mermaid

She’s unexpected and beautiful as the sea is. Think about breeze in her hair and sault on her body. For such an exotic creature there’s no better present than the Seaside Chrysolite earrings or Seaside Amethyst earrings featuring gemstones and sea pebble.


Precious Time Together

To celebrate all the special minutes spent together give your Valentine an eco-friendly watch by WeWood. It’s not only a memorable present but a gift to nature as a tree will be plated for every purchased time piece.


Fly Me To The Moon

A paper plane may not be enough to make a journey to the moon. But it’s definitely enough to make an unforgettable and very original present. Shlomit Ofir Paper Plane earrings and Paper Plane necklace are the great Valentine’s present for her which will be worn and adored for years.


Put A Ring On It

If you’re not ready to put a diamond ring on your loved one finger get her a designer cocktail ring she’ll love not less. Legendary Bohemian Bardot rings by Samantha Wills are the best options in town. Believe us we,  women know it.


Enjoy your Valentine's Day with Très Jewellery!