Opal jewelry all you need to know (it's also October birthstone)

As Opal – an exquisite gemstone, also known as the Queen of gems, is the birthstone of October babies, it seems only fair to celebrate it in the middle of the fall.  And though opal jewellery are truly epic beauties, many of us are not familiar with the gem and simply consider it being an artificially grown crystal. The name opal comes from the Sanskrit word “upala”, which means “precious stone,” alternative theory is that its name originates from the Greek derivative “Opallios” meaning “to see a change of colour”. And indeed, there is hardly any other stone, the shades of which can vary as dramatically as the ones of opal.


There are many superstitions going around opals. In the early times when the goldsmiths didn’t know how to treat these gemstones, often while placing the opals in jewellery they cut the stones wrongly, due to that opals lost colour and broke in pieces. Naturally that was seen as a sign of bad luck. However, in Asia opals are considered being tokens of hope. Another belief suggests that opal came to earth through a rainbow. But also in Europe not everyone was under a power of superstition. Queen Victoria, for example, loved the Queen of gems and gave opal jewellery as wedding gifts to each of her daughters.


Nowadays the biggest production of opals takes place in Australia (mainly black and white). Other sources are Mexico, Ethiopia, and Nevada, the USA. Next to it a lot of opals are being simulated. But of course they never can achieve the beautiful spectrum of natural opals. Though opals with the great variety of colours keep being the favorites of jewellery designers. The luminous stones experiencing their come back and more and more often seen in modern jewellery.


We love us some pretty opal jewellery (check the magnificent the Northern Light ring) that catch the light and illuminate the night, like a bright shining star. Opals enchant and distract us from the daily errands, like as a true royalty supposed to do.   



The Milky Way Natural Opal Stud earrings

The Northern Light Natural Opal and White Topaz ring

The Avish opal necklace by Lionette NY

The Mallorca opal and Swarovski crystals necklace by Lionette NY

The Tiger Lily opal necklace 



On the photo the Northern Light ring together with the Paper Thin rings.