Olivia Plaermo Favorite Jewelry Samantha Wills Europe

Olivia Palermo's Favorite Jewelry Line

Our favorite style icon Olivia Palermo has recently shared on her website her absolute favorite jewelry line – Samantha Wills Europe. According to the stylish socialite the Samantha Wills Europe jewelry pieces are a must-have for an ultimate fashionista. Palermo, known as a queen of accessorizing, is a trustful advice source when it comes to jewelry. Especially the “IT” girl is keen on the latest Samantha Wills Emporium Muse collection as it’s inspired by Palermo’s home city New York. 


The collection is dominated by light colours reminding of a sunset in spring above Manhattan: turquoise, periwinkle, antique gold, cream and caramel brown. In the Emporium Muse the designer has mixed Art Deco inspired pieces with her signature bohemian chic vibe. The Bohemian Moon ring and the Bohemian Moon necklace are perfect pieces to channel your festival goddess. While the Autumns Silence earrings will add old-school glamour with a pinch of edginess to any day to night outfit. And of course the collection wouldn’t be complete without Bohemian Bardot rings by Samantha Wills which have received a legendary status. This spring the rings are available in Black & Silver, in Periwinkle and inBlizzard Blue.


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