Not Just a Pretty Dress on Très Jewellery

We are more than happy to present a beautiful review of our online boutique by elegant and talanted Caterina from Not Just A Pretty Dress blog.


My dear friend Alexandra and I share a big love for jewellery (toghether with other 3.5 billion women around the globe and Mr T. of course). The difference between Alexandra and us is that she took her passion to the next level and launched Très Jewellery, an online boutique offering unique, hand-made jewellery from around the world.


If you think that I travel a lot, have a look at  the many posts Alexandra wrote about her beautiful trips, which gave her the inspiration to start this project: “I've always been really obsessed with jewellery. And every single time I go to a new country or city I'd look for a unique piece. Little by little I learned a lot of names and met a great deal of talented designers. Every time I come back home I get compliments about this or that jewellery piece I wear. However in spite of my travelings I got pretty frustrated - quite often I could buy jewellery of beloved brands or designers only in their country of origin. And this is how the idea of Très Jewellery was born”.


In a (fashion) world where you can easily find the same pieces of clothing and accessories basically everywhere, originality is becoming the real luxury. Très Jewellery has a selection of designers from different countries and each labels presents a completely different style and inspiration that reflect the country it comes from. My current favourites are the Dutch label Made by Lennebellewith its distinctive tassel charms, and the Nepali A Beautiful Story with its ethnic vibe. Alexandra was so kind as to send me as a gift a lovely rose quartz bracelet from A Beautiful Story, which I have been wearing non-stop. I hope you will enjoy Très Jewellery as much as I do!