Northern Light, Milky Way and Star jewellery are the best accessories for Christmas

Twinkling stars and enigmatic Northern Light, from the skies right onto your neck and wrists – the Celestial jewellery collection comes on time for the Christmas celebration in style.


The bottomless sky with all its fascinating miracles from enchanting constellations to sparkling Milky Way obtained very tangible forms in our Celestial collection. Intricate design, majestic gemstones, nobel metals were brought together by the best jewelers to create future heirlooms. Besides, admit it what can be more style appropriate than a star jewellery for Christmas? Whether it’s an elegant full of charm gift for a beloved one or a dream present for yourself – any piece from the collection will be a loved and cherished accessory for years to come.


The Constellation necklace –a feminine and graceful jewellery piece, slightly aloof in its beauty, like any star on the roof of heaven.


The Northern Light ring with natural opals is an epic beauty, not less impressive than its namesake in the skies.


You Are My Shining Star golden bracelet is an ultimate jewellery Christmas gift. You don’t need to say anything else, just give this delicate bracelet (also available in silver) to the very dearest of your heart. PS. We’ll wrap it for you in the festive packaging to make it even more special.


The Single Star necklace is a fine fusion of sexy and elegant. This necklace will add a glamorous touch to your Christmas outfit.


The Stargazer bracelet in gold (also available in silver and as a set of two bracelets for mother and daughter) is a dreamy jewellery piece aimed to celebrate mother’s love to her child. Christmas tip to daddies: give it as a set to mom and daughter. Or (hey mommies) simply treat yourself with this sweet token of love.


Milky Way earrings with natural opals – the glimmering opal studs will instantly update any look to the romantic elegance. This pair of earrings makes a perfect Christmas gift for any woman.


Double Chain Star bracelet – an immensely stylish jewellery piece with a contemporary take on heirlooms. This 18k gold-plated bracelet will be an eye-catcher at Christmas dinner, New Years party and even office board-room.


Eternal Star anklet – a little brother of the Double Chain Star bracelet injects a bit of bohemian luxe into your life and adds a sparkle onto your ankle.


She’s a Rainbow bracelet – this dainty silver bracelet decorated with tiny gemstones brings a smile as bright as a rainbow in the sky to her face.


Christmas we are ready for you with the fabulous accessories from Star necklaces to rainbow bracelets and Northern Light rings.