The mythical style of Parisian women and what it's all about

There’s been much said about the acclaimed style of Parisian women. Yet the la Parisienne look stays as elusive and sought-for as ever. My recent trip to the capital of fashion has only confirmed that these creatures of mystery manage to evolve with latest trends, however keeping the classical Parisian allure.  The women of Paris are sexy without being vulgar, elegant and sensual, strong yet vulnerable, enviably free and desired. They are all a modern woman can ever fancy to become.


Watching them passing by on the bikes, chatting cheerfully in the cafes, hurrying on the streets, I realized that the fabled Parisian style is not about what you wear but about how you wear. Or I’d better say how you feel about yourself wearing this or that item. No matter the number of red lipsticks and striped tops one owns, she’ll never come even close to la Parisienne, if she doesn’t feel comfortable and self-confident in what she has on. So if you ask me, I wouldn’t buy books and try to master an unfathomable style, you can only be lucky to be born with. I’d go along with what I have and enjoy it, feeling confident and beautiful staying true to myself. And, isn’t it the secret of every happy (thus, attractive) woman, Parisian or not – staying true to who she is?..  


But if you truly are up for a change, try a new jewellery piece – a subtle touch that adds a perfectly small yet very palpable final touch to the very amazing you.




1. Timeless classics with a modern twist - the Single Pearl necklace

2. The very popular newcomer - the anklet (the Urban Fairy Tale anklet or the Eternal Star anklet)

3. Lennebelle Petites for petites and not only

4. A great pair of vintage dangling earrings - Dannijo Isaac earrings

5. A cool with a sparkle - Lionette NY (worn here on the photo by Sara from Collage Vintage)