Mothers Day Gifts Inspiration

Find gift inspiration for this Mother’s Day to surprise the most important woman in your life with the "I love you" hug and an unforgettable gift. We chose very unique jewellery pieces to meet any taste preferences and to make a fantastic Mother’s Day present for your beautiful mom.
Go ahead and treat your momma with a gift worth of her.


Lennebelle Petites collection – this jewellery line is inspired by mothers. The collection is created around the special bond between a mom and her child. Every jewellery piece for mothers is mirrored by a jewellery piece for daughters. We love You Are My Shining Star bracelet which will be a truly special gift for any mommy.


Lionette NY founder Noa Sade has recently given birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl. Noa's bright jewellery creations are inspired by colourful emotions of her motherhood. 


Holst and Lee earrings – the founder of Holst and Lee Nathalie Holst is a mother a pretty little boy. Her mother's heart is filled with a beauty of motherhood. So are all her jewellery pieces. We adore these earrings with Swarovski crystals which is a perfect take on modern glamour. For a mother with an edge you can get a one ear piece.


Ariel Gordon Heart Silhouette ring – Ariel Gordon Maffei being a successful jewellery designer and a mother of Luca expects a second child arriving this month. She knows exactly what every mother will love. Her delicate golden Silhouette Heart ring will be a sweet present for your beloved mamma.


Samantha Wills Autumn Adventure necklace – it’s a personal favorite of Très Jewellery founder and a mother of Ava Yevgenia. Exquisite lace-like pattern of this collar necklac won't leave your mother indifferent. We’re sure that every mom and mom to be will appreciate this stunning present.


Tulola jewellery – every piece of Tulola collection is a masterpiece of craftsmanship and jewellery design. There won’t be a woman who is not under a spell of Tulola jewellery. Handcrafted with utmost care and love anything from this collection makes a perfect gift. Pearls are timeless so are the Lotus Blossom earrings. We know you'll mom appreciate the thoughtful present that she'll enjoy for yours to come.


Surprise this Mother’s Day the most special woman in your life with an unforgettable gift from  Très Jewellery