Meet Me On New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve is a bittersweet good-bye. We bid our farewells to all good in the past year and we eagerly anticipated what the new one has to bring. Shall we agree upon one thing - no matter how good or bad the year was for you it deserves a good adieu party. So put your dancing shoes on, your sequin mini-dress and all the over-the-top jewellery, and let’s celebrate.  


On the New Year’s Eve everything is allowed. Wear your statement necklaces layered on top of your fabulous hair-do. Set a style standard for a coming year. Be a darling and put a cocktail ring on every single finger. In the end of the day New Year’s Eve is the time for cocktails be those ones in glasses or on your fingers. Burn bridges with your past and finally dare to mix silver and gold.  Who cares you’re the boss and you dictate rules in the New Year. Be the one you want, be yourself! We’ll meet you on the New Year’s Eve!