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Jewels of the fall

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall,” said Jordan, one of the characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. There is something melancholically inevitable about new beginning in the fall. We all know that the summer is over, together with its merry fun and imponderable sundresses. It won’t be coming back any time soon, and we have to accept it and face a new season, a new life it brings along no matter how whimsical and ambiguous our feelings about it are. But any change inside requires a certain transformation on the outside. So we hurry to buy camel coats, cut our hair according to the latest fashion and wait for the unknown to come.


And this fall is the perfect time to dare and to be a tad more dramatic than we normally are. Go for a colour you would never even consider, add a bold jewellery piece to an office attire, think after dark allure slightly languid, slightly lascivious. Get in the retro swing of things with a pair of earrings inspired by the luscious and elegant 20ies. Entertain the idea of wearing cocktail rings on every finger of both hands, or if you are not that fearless yet, bring a clever twist with one bold ring and a number of delicate ones. Inject a certain glamour and spirit into your style with the statement necklaces featuring intricate lace patterns, vivid hues, precious stones and original designs. Bring a poetic look to your outfit with the enigmatic opal jewellery.


And remember, we have another nine months to be ourselves. So to hijack Diana Freeland – why don’t you embrace the new, throw on a head-turning jewellery piece and enjoy all the fall has to offer. 


Our models (photo) wears Samantha Wills Minderal necklace with a hand-cut amethyst