Jewellery care tips and tricks

Congratulations, you bought your dream jewellery!

Either it’s a 14k golden ring or a brass statement necklace, a pair of opal earrings or a sterling silver bracelet with pearls – this piece represents YOU. After wearing it for a while however, you notice that the metal starts tangling and the gems lose sparkle. Sounds familiar? Don’t panic. Here are the tips and tricks on how to care for the jewellery of your dreams to enjoy it for years to come.



Metals like silver, gold and brass tend to tarnish quickly when in contact with oxygen, light and humidity. That’s a naturally chemical reaction. The easiest way to prevent it is (YAY!) wearing your jewellery often. And, let’s face it, smile is the best accessory:)



Sterling silver and gold (plated) jewellery (as well as any other) aren’t water fans. We strongly advise to take off your jewellery pieces when swimming, bathing, taking shower or doing dishes. However, don’t go overboard with no water policy. If you are not comfortable with taking off your 14k gold rings whenever you wash your hands, you definitely shouldn’t. Instead, polish the rings once in a while



We suggest keeping the pieces you don’t wear separately in jewellery boxes or tubes, most of our jewellery come with one. If not, you can purchase any of your liking here. Storing dry and separate will prevent oxidizing and tangling. Nevertheless, some jewellery are too pretty to be kept in darkness. Use then our antique ring dishes.  



As we mentioned many precious metals, including gold and silver tend to tarnish when in contact with air, skin and body/hair products. To keep your jewellery as good as new wear them frequently and clean regularly. Use hand warm water with soap to refresh silver, gold and brass jewellery. Alternatively, polish them with a jewellery cloth. NEVER clean gemstones and pearls with soaps and any chemical cleaners.


To learn more about keeping your jewellery heirlooms all shiny and clean head over to our Jewellery Care Information page.