Adina Plasteline Butterfly Pendants

It is love when butterflies are in your stomach

Impeccable quality and one of a kind design this what comes to a mind when Israeli brand Adina Plastelina is mentioned. The brand was founded in 2003 by a couple Adi and Sam Leder who has an incredible eye for details and values quality above everything.


Leders work using the rare ancient Italian technique of 'Millefiori', which means 'a thousand flowers'. Ancient craftsmanship combined with modern materials create a peculiar mix of classical and innovative resulting in one of a kind jewellery line.  


We personally adore the whole collection. However the butterfly range (necklaces and earrings) is our undeniable favorite. Apparently these tiny, delicate creatures can cause a love overflow not only in your stomach but on your neck or in your ears as well. 


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