How to wear jewelry in winter

Winter is not a jewelry season. Covered by layers of wool, thick cotton and faux fur we are barely could be seen under the sea of fabrics, not to say our jewelry. However isn't jewelry the best, most easiest, fun (and often cheapest) way to elevate your winter wardrobe?! Discover our, Très Jewellery tips and tricks on how to survive the coldest season in style and wear the most fashionable jewelry pieces in the winter.


1. Details matter - match the jewelry with a pair of your favorite boots or a zipper on your leather jacket for a cool nonchalant way to add a "WOW" factor to the look.

2. Tired of all time classics - cashmere bla, bla...camel coat bla, bla...throw on a bold necklace to make a head-turning fashion statement.

3. Longing for those bright summer jewelry? You don't have to wait seasons to wear them again. Opt for a coconut necklace over your turtleneck sweater, stack coral bracelets to peek under the coat's rolled up sleeves, finally put that pair of turquoise earrings and enjoy the small summer moment in the middle of snowy winter.

4. Take a lesson from the best teacher ever - yourself. Layer your jewelry as you layer your clothes. Go from delicate to heavy, mix & match, play and enjoy.

5. Don't underestimate the power of small things in life. Even a dainty golden bracelet with a tiny charm can be a game changer immediately. 


Enjoy your winter with Très Jewellery