How to transform your wardrobe summer ready on a budget

Summer – the promised land of adventures, golden tan, dancing far after the midnight and kissing under the milky rays of the moon. Who doesn’t dream about summer? However a sweet dream can quickly become a nightmare if you face a shopping spree with no clue what to buy, limited finances and a heat wave going down on you right that minute. Here’s a trick how to master your summer wardrobe without spending a fortune and yet look impeccably fabulous.


Invest in summer jewelry. This wallet friendly solution allows you to get season ready and have fun with colours, styles and shapes. Take a bright bold necklace. Pull a crisp white shirt out of your closet, get your favorite blue denim on and top it with a Blazing Bonfire necklace by Holst and Lee – an effortlessly classic summer look is created within seconds. And the great part is, that you already have almost all of the outfit’s components hanging in your wardrobe.
A jewelry piece like a Coconut necklace is a small holiday on its own. Add it to your bikini, office attire or a little black dress and you’ll instantly make a picture perfect summer look.
Another piece to invest in is a Mallorca necklace, which takes you to the sea shore. Its deep turquoise colour competes with the waves of the ocean. Its crystals shine brighter than the sun. This is a necklace that speaks summer. Put it on and the rainiest of August days will be filled with warmth and soft lulling of the tide.


The thing is that sundresses, cropped linen pants and off-shoulder tops look good on glossy magazines' pages. But often, in practice, they turn out to be a disappointment. How often would you wear a sundress to the air-conditioned office? How many times will you iron your wrinkled linen pants? And will you be really wearing a lot of off-shoulder tops in our Northern climate, when a life span of a summer is no longer than two and a half weeks? But jewelry are timeless. You can wear them for years to come. And your jewelry will form a beautiful kaleidoscope of your summer memories.  


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