tricks for a perfect fall wardrobe on a budget

How to get your wardrobe fall ready with a few core jewellery pieces

Transitioning to fall this year will be easy, stylish and quick (plus not expensive) with Très Jewellery!

We find ourselves in the beginning of September, when summer warmth hasn't practically wanished yet, but fall is visibly approaching. Leaves are turning goldish and red, fashion magazines dapple with the cold weather apparel commercials, shops are full with the very new F/W collections. But we aren't ready to say good-bye to summer.


We'll help you to overcome a new wardrobe problem and the fall blues - mix and match your summer jewellery with warmer clothes; or simply opt for the core pieces of the season.


1) Nothing speaks fall more than a jewellery piece wearing the name of the season:

The Autumn Silence necklace and the Autum Silence earrings will dance you into the fall with a slightly nostalgic touch on the roaring 20ies.

The Autumn Adventure collar necklace is a flamboyantly way to compete with the beauty of fall nature, and add an irrevocably stylish accessory to your wardrobe. 


2) Wear utmost summer jewellery (think deep sea blue, bright turquoise or electric cyan) with the nutral earthy fall tones and chunky fabrics:


Get inspired by our look of the Dannijo Medine Bib necklace layered on a classic white shirt worn with a tomboy cap.

The mysterious labradorites of the Lionette NY Vashti bracelets and Nur bracelets change the color from vivid blue to goldish brown, which without a doubt shall bewilder anyone around you. 


3) Don't lose the golden kiss of summer. Layer the dainty golden chains, bracelets and rings with the oversized fall knits. 

Take a look at our Très Jewellery collection to get into the subtly sexy mood for fall. 


Have fun getting ready for fall & enjoy your shopping at