Great Mother's Day jewellery gifts according to real mom

Great Mother's Day jewellery gifts according to real mom

From my own experience, I can say that as soon as you give birth to a child Mother’s Day becomes a big thing to you, as does a great Mother’s Day jewellery gift too. Before having my firstborn, I never understood what it was all about. Of course, I bought my own mother little sweet presents and flowers. But only after experiencing the joy and troubles of motherhood, did I completely realise the importance of this day to every mom; hence the importance of finding a truly memorable jewellery gift for Mother’s Day to thank her. So, here are some of my suggestions for an epic present. After all, moms have given us the world and the purest of love. This one day a year, we can spoil them with a shower of attention and something very special. 


But why do I keep on insisting that jewellery is the best Mother’s Day gift? Maybe it’s not. But surely, jewellery is very personal, unique and wearable – something she will put on every morning for many years to come, and cherish, and enjoy. Let’s agree on one thing when it comes to unforgettable gifs for mother; jewellery wins the race in comparison to boxes of chocolate, flowers, books, Hallmark cards, bottles of perfume and other sweet trifles.


Put a gloriously big smile on your mom’s face with:


Mother’ Day Classic Jewellery Gifts

A fine heart-shaped 14k gold ring is an elegant token of your love. Graceful in its simplicity, a gift to remember.

Milky Way studs with natural opal, these platinum coated earrings with shimmering opals make evenly a luxurious and easy-to-style gift.

Double Pearl bangle, the 18k gold-plated bracelet owns a chic minimalist allure. Less is definitely more, 

Two Orchids Curvy Bracelet in 24k gold-plated silver offers a wonderful option if she doesn’t love pearls. The bracelet is graceful, feminine and utterly desirable.

Delicate 14k gold ring with the hand-faceted emerald-cut mother of pearl stone held in a claw setting is an ultimate statement of gratitude and love.


Mother’s Day Bold Jewellery Gifts

Reflections Hoop earrings in silver bring a new take on classic hoops. Stylish, daring and slightly oversized these earrings will be her favourite day-to-night accessory.

Mallorca opal necklace is an instant game changer. This jewellery piece will make your mom glee from excitement.

Bohemian Bardot ring in Jade is a fabulous cocktail ring. Vivid colour, bohemian meets luxury aesthetics, and a beautiful packaging (the piece comes in a hand-crafted wooden jewellery box) ensures a full-scale grown-up glamour of this Mother’s Day gift.

Statement silver and gold bracelet is unapologetically bold and daring. It’s a jewellery piece for a woman who knows what she wants.

Swarovski crystals ear-jackets make a versatile present. Wear them as ear-jackets or witch the earring backing – and wear them as the studs. An ideal Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to sparkle

Statement Coconut necklace is deliciously extravagant. This piece is hand-crafted in New York and will become her favourite summer accessory. There’s no doubt that your mom will be spellbound by the exotic allure of this gift. 


Incredibly Special Mother’s Day Jewellery Gifts

Stargazer Mother Daughter bracelets gifts set is the best Mother’s Day gift. The set was created to celebrate the special bond between mother and child. Beauty and purity of this love are woven through the gold-plated or silver chains of the bracelets.

You Are My Shining Star Mother Daughter bracelets gift set comes as an intimates, timeless and doubtlessly unforgettable present, entwining love, admiration, and gratitude. She’ll be delighted.


I wish all moms in the world the tightest hugs, the biggest kisses, the unique gifts, loads of attention, and surely much love on the very special day – Mother’s Day. 



Alexandra van Eck-Samarina, founder of Très Jewellery, and mother of two.