Gloriously oversized statement rings

Brilliant, powerful statement is what designers were showing on the runway this season – all with a glorious array of bold cocktail rings.  
Silver like shimmering stars in the night skies, bright and colourful like exotic flowers, golden and regal with exaggerated femininity - but all immense and irresistible were the rings of the A/W18 collections. Whichever you choose, it will instantly update any look - be it an office attire or a sleek evening gown. Just make sure you follow the rule: GO BIG OR GO HOME.
The dramatic design of Samantha Wills' Bohemian Bardot rings gained the jewellery piece a status of a legend. The eponymous brand will seize its existence within 6 months. So don’t miss your last chance (literally) to get the most spectacular cocktail ring celebrating a bohemian fantasy. 
Deliciously extravagant and delightfully delicate the Lace Bandeau rings are a fantasy come to life. The intricate design, finest materials and almost palpable magic laced through the rings make these jewellery pieces a statement of elegance. Opt for a subtle edge of Medusa Bondage ring or go for the irresistible allure of the Lace Bandeau ring. 
Spellbound by the celestial glory we've designed the Saturn ring. An iridescent natural opal surrounded by a galaxy of rubies all set in platinum coated sterling silver makes a graceful, dignified and utterly desirable cocktail ring. 
Luscious, elegant and dreamy the Northern Light ring is a piece worthy of being the future heirloom in your family. It's a cocktail ring of a kind that injects poetry into any kind of style.   
If you up to the next level of dramatic statement take a look at the Reflections Ball ring. The 22k gold-plated handcrafted ring brings back an old-school GLAMOUR. Throw the celebrities' favourite Reflections Ball necklace into the equation of your look, and you receive a bold, eccentric and unapologetically attention-grabbing style.
In case you are flirting with the idea of oversized rings full of fantasy and fairy tales, we are glad to offer the Centarus rings, beautiful as magical birds. The ethereal rings are embellished with Swarovski crystals and will sparkle like the stars on your hand.
We hope that with this round-up we made a strong case for epic cocktail rings. At the end of the day, no matter which ring you choose from above, life is too short not to make a statement.