Gift Guide: Presents for Your Sister

Time flies and we are a week away from Christmas. So here comes the Gift Guide installment in which I give some pieces of advice what to buy for your sister. This lady is for sure very special and mean a lot to you. Make her happy by surprising with the most unique jewellery. 
5) Lucky symbols and gem-stones of this Jor Rosequartz Bracelets Set by a fair trade brand A Beautiful Storywill bring the best luck to your sister in the coming year. 
6) A tiny silver Purple Butterfly Necklace hand-crafted by Adina Plastelina designers will remind your dear sister about you and your special sisterhood.
7) Stunning gold-plated Apple Earrings by designers atelier Jak Joten is a breath-taking present which your sis will definitely appreciate.
8) The Centarus Ring by Vanessa Mooney embellished with one clear Swarovski Crystal is an extremely stylish, thoughtful present for a dear person.