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FloortjeLoves blog for Tres Jewellery - Guest Post 3

Traveling, isn’t it a thing we all love to do? No matter if we are going to a far far away island, or to our favourite city in the weekend. I personally love to travel, to jump into my car and drive around the country. Or, even better, to catch the plane to discover a total new country with its cities and cultures.

Almost every time when I have been on holiday I say the same thing: this was the best place ever! It much depends on the food, the weather and what the place has to offer of course. Meaning that I am really a beach person. I love the mountains and the snow, but there is nothing that can beat the beach. Sometimes, I am even dreaming about living by the beach one day. But what I mostly love about these places is the inspiration I got from it.


I can get inspiration everywhere and from anything. Just give me a good meal or a hand full of flowers and I can be inspired. This is probably the reason why I love to create and write. One of the places that inspired me the most was my visit to Scott’s Dale (near by Phoenix) last April. The Mexican influence and food(!), the art, the jewellery.. There was so much beauty everywhere that I would love to come back there soon.


From every place I have been I like to bring something special with me, most of the time in a form of jewellery. From lucky eyes during my modelling time in Istanbul, to lace colourful bracelets from Italy. Like you’ve read in my last guest post, I personally like jewellery with a story. A story from where it’s from, where it’s made and where you’ve bought it. It is always interesting to share your stories with others, to tell which mountain you climb or which river you took. With a piece of jewellery, especially when it is a statement such as this Ettika necklace, you make life more interesting and above all, it is a great conversation starter.



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