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FloortjeLoves blog for Tres Jewellery - Guest Post 2

This is an exciting second guest-post of our favorite fashion blogger Floortje from FloortjeLoves specially for Très Jewellery

Small, dedicated jewellery, those are the ones I love the most. In my daily life I always have my small necklaces on, at least two rings on my fingers, small earrings and many, many bracelets that match with my watch. From silver to gold to rose gold. I love to combine them all. As you have read in my last guest post, I love jewellery with a special though behind it. No matter if it is a heart warming thought, or having an actual function like minerals. As a kid I was already fascinated by rose quartz. Probably because my favourite colour was, and still is, pink. Somehow, the diversity it comes with always have been fascinated me. You can get it transparent, to a darker and mysterious.


Rose quartz is telling stories of love. If you believe in it, it will open your heart to give and receive love. It works on the heart chakra they say. It also stays for self-respect, friendships and it calms you when you’re sad. This stone works the best for people with the sign Taurus and Libra, lucky for me I am the last one! Maybe another reason why I feel so attractive to this kind of mineral.


This is the reason why I always try to wear something with rose quarts. I even sleep with a piece of stone underneath my cushion (yes seriously). Maybe you will know what I am talking about, but maybe you have never heard of stones having a function. Maybe you think I am talking too spiritually, which I can imagine haha! I just want to share my love for special jewellery with you and why we should all wear it. And, if this is not your thing, than think about the world travel your hand made jewellery made. From finding the stones, deep under the ground, to give them a shape and polish them, to the ones who make a special piece out of it. That is why, when I look at my bracelet, get inspired. From the energy it gives, to the stories it tells.