Five reasons opal jewellery make the best gifts

Opal, also known as the Queen of gemstones, is an unapologetically beautiful stone. It seems to bring back the spectrum of a rainbow in the most gracious way we could think of. This gemstone is being used by goldsmiths for centuries, and recently opals became widely appreciated by modern jewellery designers. We love the royal stone and here are the five reasons any other woman will adore an opal jewellery gift, too.


  1. Opals jewellery are utterly romantic. The puddles of colours constantly changing and catching the light make even the most minimalist jewellery piece alluring and mesmerizing. Take, for example, the Milky Way studs. The classic pair of stud earrings gains the whole new attitude with two natural opals twinkling in the daylight, in the moonlight.
  2. Opals have such an incredible spectrum of colour. So even the most picky one can find an opal jewellery of her dreams. Moody yellow or bright turquoise, like waters of Caribbean; milky or blue and green-ish, for instance, the Avish necklace – it’s up to you. Choose the opal, which’ll make the heart of your beloved one flicker when she’ll unwrap her gift this Christmas.
  3.  As the gemstone was loved and used by goldsmith for decades, there are many antique jewellery treasures to score. However, if you are not a fan of vintage, we’d offer our Northern Light opal ring, which is a true heirloom piece. Handcrafted platinum plated silver ring features a spectacular oval opal surrounded by twinkling white topazes. No one can resist the enchanting elegance of this statement ring. 
  4. When it comes to modern jewellery, opals are definite favorites of designers. Bright colours of this gemstone make sure that any piece featuring opals will be a bold and glamorous accessory to own. Mallorca necklace and Tiger Lily necklace come as an ideal proof to our point.
  5. We put it simply – opals are epic beauties. Period. The gemstone is deemed with legends and stories that create an enigmatic air around it and its owner.  Opal jewellery add a magnificent touch to the simplest of the outfits.


There won’t be a woman whose eyes’ won’t sparkle with excitement when she opens a pretty gift box, holding a gorgeous opal jewellery sprinkling millions of little rainbows all around her happy face.