Exclusive Interview with Lennebelle

It’s a gloomy Tuesday covered by a grey Dutch sky. I am waiting in a warmed by candles and lights Italian café a young and very talented designer Lenneke Kooijman who stands behind a fast growing jewellery brand Lennebelle. She’s rushing in all smiles, petite and pretty as any of her jewellery creations. In a few minutes we are all settled down with cups of good Italian cappuccino to talk about her brand, easy elegance, children and plans for the future.

“Delicate, very feminine, and definitely of a high quality – these are the words which would describe Lennebelle in the best way” – proudly says Kooijman.


Q: So how was Lennebelle born?

L: By pure coincidence. I haven’t had a master plan or an academic background in jewellery crafting. I did study in the Dutch Art Academy but not at the department of jewellery design. However I was always deeply drawn to the beauty of a jewellery piece, to the story behind each and every of them.

One day the stars aligned and I started my brand. The signature glass tube packaging was inspired by a glass tube I found on an antique market and the colourful cotton tassels reflect my never ending love affair with colours. 

Q: How would you describe the character of the Lennebelle brand? Why is it different from any other jewellery brand?

L: Lennebelle is founded to celebrate delicacy and high quality. Any jewellery piece I hand-craft is to be worn for ages. Lennebelle jewellery is not an eye-catcher it’s an elegant touch to finish a look, to empower a woman to feel confident and beautiful.

Q: Talking about women, do you have a perfect Lennebelle lady in your mind when you create a collection or is it an abstract figure without age, face and personality?

L: Of course my jewellery could be worn by anybody. However I do have a character in mind when I work on a collection. I believe that my jewellery line speaks to elegant, young in their souls women who appreciate high quality and noble materials. Lennebelle mademoiselle doesn’t seek an attention with screaming “look at me” jewellery. She knows she’ll stand out by her impeccable taste and exquisite jewellery she wears. 

Q: She sounds like a very beautiful self-confident girl. Are you the same?

L: (smiles mischievously).

Q: Okey, well an impeccable taste it’s something one is born with or one works hard at. What’s your style receipt for impeccable?

L: I think comfortable, simple and clean look is the way to go. Think about those fantastic clean lines of Cos for example. Less is definitely more. I also tend to do quite a lot of feminine with a tomboy touch. My all times favorite is a tailored pencil skirt with my boyfriend’s shirt and a pair of cool booties. When it comes to accessories I’m a sucker for chunky scarves and dainty timeless jewellery – all by Lennebelle for course.  When it comes to make-up my main rule is to stay natural. I love effortless long hair, a touch of mascara and Bobby Brown pot rouge for lips & cheeks.

Q: Crafting a jewellery piece is a very creative process I can imagine. What does inspire you?

L: Pfff, it’s a difficult question; frankly quite a lot of things influence my creative process. I have an ongoing affair with colours. Those beautiful vivid or vice a versa tender hues give me an enormous inspiration. I’m also a devoted traveller. So I bring something back from my trips which definitely have a huge influence on me while I’m working on a new collection. Like this my vacation in Bali last summer has inspired a new collection. I’m also inspired by people a lot. A colleague of mine is such a stunning and exotic person that now I’m thinking to have a whole collection created inspired by her beauty.

Q: Would you mind to share your plans for future?

L: At the moment I’m very busy with a new line Lennebelle Petites for mothers and daughters inspired by a deep maternal love, my love to my baby daughter. The line has just been launched and it’s a huge success already (Lennebelle Petites will be available soon at Très Jewellery) I am also busy with a new collection for Lennebelle which will be quite exotic, maybe a bit Africa-inspired, dominated by power colours like emerald green, electric blue and scarlet red.

Q: How do you work when you are creating a new collection? Is it a hectic process or an organized step by step plan?

L: Creating process is quite a hectic thing in its core. I always start with a mood board. I pin my ideas, photos, colours, and pieces of fabrics – anything which gives me a kick of inspiration. Then I think about the forms and materials. When I have a clear idea about how the next jewellery collection will look like I choose a model and a location for a shoot. However I must admit that sometimes the process goes in a reverse way. I can see a model and be inspired by her beauty to create a new jewellery piece.

Q: Tell us about the materials you work with?

L: I work only with beautiful noble and ethical materials. Every jewellery piece is hand-crafted and I strictly assure that I offer my clients only a high quality product. I use sterling silver and 18K gold-plating. For the decoration I use gem-stones like rose-quartz and amethyst, pearls and silver or gold-plated charms. I always make sure that the materials which are used are ethical and fulfill all the necessary requirements. I create timeless, high quality pieces to be worn and adored throughout the years.

Q: What makes you happy?

L: My family, travelling, colours, freedom, a lot of things in other words (smiles).


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