Bianca bikinis and Ettika via Tres Jewellery

Dive into summer of an ocean girl

She’s a free spirit with a salty breeze in her beautiful beach hair. She’s smiling and knows exactly what she wants. She’s rare as an exotic flower and bright as a tropical island. She wears her perfect bikini and colorful jewellery proudly. Both are part of her lifestyle, a part of who she is – an ocean girl.


For all the ocean girls out there we have great news. We finally found a bikini brand which offers not only great, colorful bikinis ideal for every watersport but fashionable and utmost quality products. Something what goes perfectly with our jewellery. Biancabikinis is an Italian brand which rises beyond bikinis. It offers a lifestyle. It inspires and empowers. It’s exactly a brand we here, at Très Jewellery look at and adore.


Biancabikinis is the best high performing bikini that allows the ocean girl to be focused on her best ride while the bikini will stay on.  The brand brings biggest fashion wave to the beach.
If somebody knows how to do glam even in a salty water that’s Italians. So no wonder that Biancabikinis are favored by different women all around the world. The brand inspires ocean girls to express their style... in the water with their ride, on the beach with their bikini. Biancabikinis offers hundreds of combination for top and bottom of each collection every girl can wear her own bikini. 


We love to combine different styles with our Ettika jewellery to create an ultimate beach babe look. Choose your dream bikini to go with your dream jewellery piece.


Summer’s coming with Très Jewellery & Biancabikinis.