Delicate rings magic

Discover a pure beauty in simplicity of the delicate rings. The tiny bands of gold or silver stacked upon each other or worn solo have an understated spellbinding effect.  These dainty rings are easy to wear, mix and match, which makes them perfect jewelry for every day.


In our daily life statement pieces can be hard to pull off. Often, a bold necklace won’t do at the office; a cocktail ring is oh-not-so-practical while cleaning the house; a pair of dangling earrings is no go with your baby’s or toddler’s curious grip. But the dainty jewelry, on the other hand, are perfect pieces to add a dash of sparkle or a pinch of sexiness to an office attire or a running-the-errands outfit. Besides, such jewelry easily transform from day to night.


One of our absolute favorite styles is delicate rings. Thin bands layered one upon another with their casual aesthetics softened by subtle sexuality create a sleek, effortlessly stylish look.  We like the duality of Ariel Gordon rings. Where less is more in design meets more is always more in layering. The rings are available in silver and 18k gold.
The Tulola Heritage delicate rings stack is an instant heirloom. The design has been inspired by the retro swing in the jewelry craftsmanship. The transcendent beauty of the three dainty rings is nevertheless easy and practical in wear. Put them all together, wear one next to another or mix and match with other models.


The delicate rings make for a perfect daily partner in your wardrobe.


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