Dainty jewellery every woman needs it!

There are some things in our lives that are timeless no matter what. I’ll name a few - a great novel, a good song, a dainty jewellery piece. Those are classics. Years passed by and people yet read The Forsyte Saga with the unshakable interest and admiration. In the ever changing world of fashion it is difficult if not impossible to find a constant to be forever in style. Dainty jewellery is the one thing we can be sure to stick around.
The flapper girls mesmerized the male crowd with the sparkling gemstones and dancing pearls on their long porcelain white necks. The Mad Men ladies enchanted gentlemen by the twinkle of golden necklaces cascading into their décolleté. The minimalist power women of the 90ies ruled the world with the dangling silver chain bracelets around their wrists.


We, the women of a new millennium are not afraid to value our history, we are excited to make our own future and we are not thrilled to layer necklaces, wear gold with silver and to mix pearls with gemstones. Thankfully the dainty jewellery allows us to do it all.