Make an unforgettable Christmas statement by presenting small gifts with big impact. Surprise your beloved ones, family, friends or yourself with the fabulous jewellery gifts .
We made a stylish round-up of beautiful jewelry pieces under 100€, sparkling treats to make this Christmas a magical one.


Silver, golden, hand-crafted with love and utmost care, classic or modern but definitely timeless pieces by Samanths Wills, Lennebelle Petites, Holst + Lee, Ariel Gordon, Daniel EspinosaTrès Jewellery, Tulola, Jak Joten and many others.


Très Jewellery dainty jewellery collection;
Bohemian Bardot Rings by Samantha Wills;
Star bracelets by Lennebelle Petites;
Swarovski crystal earrings by Holst+Lee;
Paper Thin rings silver by Ariel Gordon;
Reflection Hoop earrings by Daniel Espinosa;
Lace ring in gold by Tulola;
Silver and golden necklaces by Jak Joten.

Enjoy this Christmas with Très Jewellery!