Carrie Bradshaw jewelry - a lesson to learn

Carrie Bradshaw’s necklace along with an army of Manolo Blahnik shoes became an iconic symbol of the TV show, Sex and the City. But Bradshaw’s jewelry and fashion choices extend beyond the show. Carrie represents the whole generation of millennia women. She is an image of a new independent woman and her jewelry, close and accessories are a proof that fashion can be fun and personalized.


Carrie’s outfits in SITD are bold and daring. Sometimes we raise an eyebrow but yet we’d better give her a credit for her playing hard with fashion. Think of numerous strands of oversized pearls paired with her engagement ring on a chain and the medallion necklace. Isn’t it a perfect lesson in layering? Over-the-top, yes; one of the kind, hell yes!    


Another example is Bradshaw’s golden statement necklace. It’s an instant piece to elevate the simplest outfit. Though simple is an adjective which can never ever apply to her. Carrie isn’t afraid of going Big, any sort and type of big. In the SITC movie she opts for a colorful geometric piece to add a wow factor to her summer white dress. This Bradshaw’s necklace is both playful and sophisticated.


And, of course, there is a “Carrie” necklace, a personalized jewelry piece which Miss Bradshaw wears during all six seasons of the show and styles in all imaginable ways. It’s probably her most favored jewelry. We love how this dainty golden necklace is layered with other delicate necklaces to create a mesmerizing effect of vulnerability, sexiness and fun.    


Even twenty years later after the show’s first episode was aired we still can learn a lesson or two about fashion, accessories and surely jewelry from Carrie Bradshaw.


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