Brilliant Valentine's gift ideas

Low on Valentine's gift ideas after Christmas present galore? When in doubt go for timeless and a dream jewellery piece is definitely a gift which will be worn and appreciated for years to come. Dare we say that jewellery is the best token of love. Are we right, Cupid? 

Here, at Très Jewellery we know a thing or two about love. So, we made a glorious round-up of all the red, pink and simply pretty things you’ll enjoy unwrapping on the 14th of February. And as a sign of our love for you we promise to wrap each and every gift by hand in the most darling way!

Scroll through our brilliant Valentine's gift ideas and make it a day to remember. 


  1. Ariel Gordon Heart Silhouette ring
  2. Ettika Tasseled Love in Peach bracelet
  3. Samantha Wills legendary Bohemian Bardot ring in burning Magenta
  4. Shlomit Ofir Kyoto earrings
  5. Holst+Lee Blazing Bonfire necklace
  6. Lennebelle Red Coral tassel bracelet
  7. Adina Plastelina Coral Small Heart necklace
  8. Lennebelle Petites You Are My Shining Star bracelet
  9. Tulola Lotus Blossom earrings with pearls
  10. Tres Jewellery Smoky quartz necklace