beauty has no age neither do your jewelry

Beauty has no age, neither do your jewellery

A true beauty has no age. Be it a human face, a symphony, an architectural masterwork, or a jewellery piece – all, what enlightened by inner style, dignity and kindness of its owner or creator is absolutely doubtlessly dazzling, no matter its age.


Think about Audrey Hepburn and Lauren Hutton, the deep wrinkles didn’t disfigure their pretty features. On the contrary, both became exquisite, owning elegancy and mystery.
The Coliseum in Rome is damaged by wars and half-destroyed by human madness. Yet it stays grandiose, and we awe at it as romans used to.    
Beethoven wrote his Symphony No. 7 two hundred years ago. But it didn’t become a chord less mesmerizing.


Now, look in your grandmother’s jewellery box. The misty pearls strings, the diamonds radiating little rainbows, the slightly tarnished gold of very Great Gatsby art-deco rings, all the beauty of these jewellery didn’t become outdated or boringly old-fashioned. The years put a touch of enigma, history and extraordinary style on the jewellery. These pieces, as any of those you buy now - a dainty necklace, a minimalist bangle with pearls, a pair of dangling earrings, an exquisite ring, are heirlooms to wear and admire for decades to come.