10 ultimate summer jewellery pieces every woman needs to have

Summer is THE season to show the world what is hidden in your jewellery box. Don’t be shy! The time came to accentuate your bare decollete with dainty layered necklaces; to attract the attention to the bare shoulders with dangling earrings; to grab the cooled cocktail glasses with the fingers full of sparkling rings; and, finally, to play around and have fun. When it comes to jewellery, bright colours, original design, statement pieces – is all a fashionable must-haves for the summer.


So go, girl, conquer this season with the 10 jewellery pieces to shine in.


  1. Statement necklaces full of bold colours or twinkle and city chic allure (hereherehere and here)
  2. Dangling earrings to dance the hot summer nights away (here, hereand here)
  3. Head-turning cocktail rings in the hues of sea and Cancun sun-sets
  4. A sea-inspired necklace to channel your inner mermaid (hereherehereherehere and here)
  5. A golden bracelet embellished with pearls or golden orchids flowers to make a chic minimalism sexy once again
  6. Golden hoop earrings – the summer classic
  7. beach necklace to be the ultimate beach babe
  8. Coral inspired bracelet
  9. Dainty golden necklace for the aftersun cocktail hours
  10. Bright friendship bracelets, as friendship never goes out of style (options here)


Enjoy summer!

Très Jewellery Team


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