10 jewelry every woman must own

There is no fashion magazine or website that doesn't have an article on jewelry we, women, have to own. Trends are mentioned with authority, "chic" and "timeless" are the favorite words to referred to; but aren’t we, ladies, all different and aren’t we supposed to like, or dare I say, love different things? So why do we need such generalized things as  “10 jewelry every woman must own”?

One of the things we hate most at Très Jewellery - is mass-production. Sure, it’s fun to see how a bunch of girls styled the same dress.  But it’s way less fun to discover that a necklace given by your boyfriend for your 3rd anniversary is worn by hundreds and hundreds of others. Such thing definitely won’t happen with hand-crafted jewellery pieces; because just by its definition a handcrafted jewellery, gown, handbag or any other item is unique, even if its design reproduced many times. Nevertheless, there are some must-haves for every woman. It doesn’t necessarily mean that women have to own exact the same piece. But as every hair-dresser needs a pair of scissors these jewellery styles come in handy no matter what your age, taste, preferences in clothes, men or politics are. 


10) The pair of stud earrings in silver and gold
9) The cocktail ring
8) The trendy cuff bracelet
7) The bold, statement earrings
6) The dainty necklace
5) The stackable rings and knuckle rings
4) The hoop-earrings
3) The friendship bracelet
2) The conversation-starter necklace
1) The heritage generations-worthy ring