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Welcome to the online fashion and designer jewelry boutique Très Jewelry. Tailored with a contemporary woman in mind the website offers our customers a wide variety of luxury fashion jewelry lines created by talented designers from around the world. The main goal of our project is to celebrate modern women and to remind them through our exclusive jewelry collections how unique each and every of them is. The boutique offers its customers a wide range of rings, knuckle rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, brooches, watches, cufflinks, earcuffs, bangles, cuffs, etc. At Très Jewelry you won’t find mass-production items instead you’ll be able to purchase one of a kind designer jewelry online, products with their own story, message and style. We've traveled the world to find the most talented designers and extraordinary collections for you. Among the brands and designers presented at our website you'll find Vanessa Mooney jewelry, Ettika jewelry, Daniel Espinosa jewelry, Samantha Wills jewelry, Shlomit Ofir jewelry, Lionette NY by Noa Sade jewelry, Adina Plastelina jewelry, Tulola jewelry, Lennebelle jewelry, Lennebelle Petites jewelry, Jak Joten jewelry, Holst and Lee jewelry (or also known as Holst+Lee jewelry), Laura Rysman jewelry and many others. At the "Shop" section you can shop fashion bloggers jewelry online and shop celebrity jewelry online. We’ve created a unique space where our customers can buy jewelry online from silver and gold plated jewelry to handcrafted designer jewelry, from friendship bracelets to golden bracelets with pearls, from legendary Bohemian Bardot rings by Samantha Wills to golden knuckle rings, jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones to jewelry with Swarovski crystals. Collections presented at Très Jewelry vary greatly. However they all have in common the highest quality, noble materials, best craftsmanship techniques and exclusivity. No matter what you choose it will be a beautiful, handcrafted with utmost care exclusive jewelry piece which will underline your personality and impeccable taste. To buy designer jewelry online at our boutique is an easy task. You simply have to choose a product you like and follow a set of clear explained steps in order to check out. After we receive a payment we send you your product in our special packing which includes a thank you jewelry gift from us. Très Jewelry is the perfect place to buy your designers jewelry and jewelry presents to surprise your dearest ones. Be unique, be yourself with the jewelry from Très Jewelry boutique!


This gorgeous necklace is made of 925 sterling silver and comes with a silver chain . The pendant is embellished with one crystal fianit.  Please note: This...
€ 69,00
This gorgeous gold-plated necklace is made of 925 sterling and comes with a gold-plated chain made of silver. The pendant is embellished with one fianit.  Please...
€ 69,00
This stylish Reflections Ball ring is handcrafted of 22K gold-plated silver.   Size: M (16-17), L (17-18)  Please note: This product is handmade...
€ 89,00
€ 119,00
These fabulous earrings are handcrafted of 22K gold-pated or 925 sterling silver bronze.   Size: Total length is 4 cm, a cube pendant is 1.5 cm big. ...
€ 49,00
These unique earrings are handcrafted of22K gold-plated 925 sterling silver.      Size: The diameter of the earring is 5.5 cm, the ball is 1.5 cm big....
€ 74,00
€ 89,00
This stunning necklace is handcrafted of 22K gold-pated bronze.   Size: Length is adjustable, the inner strand diameter is 40cm. The necklace could be divided...
€ 249,00
Friendship Fiesta in First Kiss Bracelet by Ettika jewelry Europe shop online
Beautiful thread bracelet with metal chains, handmade in Los Angeles, California.  Materials: metal chain and cotton multi-colour thread.  Please note:...
€ 29,00
Festival Fiesta Fringe in Cyan Necklace by Ettika jewelry on shop online
Stylish fringe necklace with 18kt gold plated metal beads, handmade in Los Angeles, California.  Materials: 18kt gold plated metal beads and cotton multi-colour...
€ 32,00
€ 64,00
Tasseled Love in Peach Pit Wrap Bracelet by Ettike shop online on
Beautiful thread bracelet with metal beads, handmade in Los Angeles, California.  Materials: metal beads and peach pink leather thread.  Please note:...
€ 20,00
€ 49,00